Why We Call Our Guides Navigators Instead of Tour Guides

Stuart Deming
Stuart Deming


XPLR TOURS is a unique tour company that prides itself on offering more than just your standard guided tour. Our tours are designed to be immersive, educational, and inspiring experiences that take you off the beaten path and into the heart of the places you’re exploring.

One way we differentiate ourselves from other tour companies is by calling our guides “navigators” instead of “tour guides.” This might seem like a small distinction, but it’s actually a reflection of our approach to travel and our commitment to creating unforgettable experiences for our clients.

So why do we call our guides “navigators“? Here are a few reasons:

1.  Navigation is more than just pointing out landmarks.

A tour guide might simply point out the major landmarks and attractions in a given location, but a navigator does much more than that. Our navigators are experts in the places we visit, and they’re skilled at helping our clients navigate the complexities of local culture, language, and customs. They’re also trained to anticipate our clients’ needs and provide personalized recommendations and insights that help them get the most out of their trip.

2. Navigation implies a spirit of exploration.

When you think of a navigator, you probably imagine someone like Christopher Columbus or Ferdinand Magellan, bravely setting out into uncharted waters in search of new worlds. We like to think of our navigators in the same way – as intrepid explorers who are always looking for new and exciting experiences to share with our clients. We believe that travel should be about more than just ticking off items on a bucket list – it should be a journey of discovery and adventure.

3. Navigation emphasizes the importance of collaboration.

Finally, we call our guides “navigators” because we see them as collaborators with our clients rather than just experts dispensing information. We want our clients to be active participants in their own travel experience, and our navigators are there to help facilitate that. They’ll work with you to create a customized itinerary that reflects your interests and preferences, and they’ll be on hand throughout your trip to help you navigate any unexpected challenges or opportunities that arise.

At XPLR TOURS, we’re passionate about travel and committed to providing our clients with unforgettable experiences. We believe that calling our guides “navigators” is a small but significant way of signaling our approach to travel and our dedication to helping our clients navigate the world in the most meaningful and fulfilling way possible. So if you’re looking for a tour company that goes beyond the basics and truly immerses you in the places you visit, look no further than XPLR TOURS – and let our navigators help guide you on your next adventure!

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